“We didn’t go to the polls to win but expose Gen M7’s evil acts.” Bob Wine

National Unity Platform President Hon Robert Kyagulanyi has today while on a political talk on one of the media stations said that the reason why NUP went to the 2021 polls was mainly to expose Gen Museveni’s dictatorial acts rather than winning the elections. #WhisperEyeNews

Kyagulanyi has said that even when he won the elections, he did not expect the electoral commission to announce him as winner because the EC chairperson Justice Byakama is an agent of Gen Museveni.

Kyagulanyi adds that for that matter, NUP succeeded in exposing Gen Museveni’s evil acts and now its upon Ugandans to rise up and put the dictatorial regime down.

Kyagulanyi further adds that Ugandans should not look at him as the sole soldier to defeat Museveni but rather should join him in the struggle to defeat the NRM.

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