LGBTQ Teacher arrested in Jinja after Parent’s outcry

A sports teacher of PMM Girls School-Jinja identified as Lydia Mukoda has been arrested by Police over her allegations of her involvement and recruitment of students into lesbian activities. #WhisperEyeNews

Her arrest was sparked off by a protest by parents and members of the old girl’s students association, who had earlier on Friday stormed the school over Mukoda’s alleged homosexual activities and the school’s reluctance to handle the matter conclusively.

A press statement by the police said that Mukoda is being held at Jinja central police station. Mukoda has since declined to speak about the matter.

The school head teacher, Grace Akwang says that she only assumed the position two weeks ago and currently lacks detailed information pertaining to the parents’ earlier complaints concerning Mukoda’s suspicious behavior.

Akwang notes that she knows Mukoda at a personal level and has never linked her to any lesbian activities. She called for patience and await the findings since the matter is before the police.

On his part Haruna Mulopa, Jinja city principal education officer says that the parents have been invited for an urgent meeting today Monday, where information concerning Mukoda’s suspicious activities will be relayed directly to them.

Mulopa hailed parents for their vigilance in defending their children against exposure to homosexuality-related activities but reminded them to always seek redress from responsible offices rather than staging protests, which he says taint the school’s image.

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