Under Pressure Minister Lugolobi forced to deroof Animal Shed that had Karamoja sheets

The iron sheet scandal has exposed alot of rot in how public servants and politicians have misused their offices to the extremes, failing to deliver to their expectations.

Minister Amos Lugolobi is among the culprits after it was discovered that he had roofed one of his animal sheds using iron sheets meant for the people of Karamoja.

As pressure piled on him, he ordered his workers to remove the ‘evil sheets’ off his animals sheds saying that he wants to clean his name in the public so that people donot think that what ever he owns he just stole it from government.

“I told my people to put down the iron sheets. Yes it is true I had used the Karamoja iron sheets to roof the shed of my goats.” He said

The iron sheets scandal also saw Minister Matia Kasaija confess to the committee in the prob of the scandal where he said that he only received a phone call where he was told that some iron sheets had been donated to him to help the people of his consistency.

Kasaija said he had never asked for the iron sheets but was also surprised to receive them. He said the consignment was delivered to his constituency and he distributed them. He added that later a 2nd consignment arrived but he is stuck with the iron sheets at his store in Kibale because he has no where to deliver them.

The Speaker of Parliament also confessed to have received the iron sheets in Bukedea. She also revealed that she was surprised to receive them because she had not asked for them in the first place.

The Minister under investigation Hon Goretti Kitutu of Karamoja Affairs told the committee that it is true she gave out iron sheets to certain Ministers but promised to come out with a clear report on Friday to defend her decision.

Karamoja is one of the poorest regions in the country with most people living a pastrolistic life while others settling in grass thatched houses.

Many die of hunger while others are facing insecurity related to cattle rustling.

To many MPs coming from Karamoja, the Ministry of Karamoja should be handed over to Karamojongs themselves who understand the pain their fellows are going through than a random person who cares less like Hon Mary Goretti Kitutu.

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