How Museveni is tactfully using fear to consolidate power

By Samuel Obedgiu

The Museveni regime is releasing torture victims tactfully from safehouses so that NUP and the media fall for the trap and release these images of torture victims to the public, innocently, without the state interfering. Museveni benefits from these torture images coming out.

You have a regime that has invested in putting fear in the hearts of citizens, as a way of consolidating power. Once these images come out, they terrify the psychology of the masses that if they oppose Museveni the consequences are that is dire torture.

Now National Unity platform leaders are in a Catch 22 dilemma; should they keep quiet when their people are being tortured not to scare the public or should they keep posting these torture pictures to expose this murderous regime? It’s a dilemma indeed. But ultimately, its Museveni that benefits from these torture images coming out.

The NUP leadership should go back to the drawing board and study how to manage the publicity of these torture victims. You simply can’t leave this to social media bloggers.

Museveni initially invested in the army but now he also invests in fear to slow down growing open opposition to his rule. Museveni has for a long time been a good student of
Frantz Fanon.

Fanon wrote extensively about violence as a weapon and its effects on the individual is uniquely guided by his lived experience. Am told Museveni reads Frantz Fanon often

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