Nambooze fless studio as Bwanika exposes her backdoor dealings with the state

On an evening show on one of the media stations in the country, there was a burst up and a ruction between two National Unity Platform MPs Hon Betty Nambooze and Hon Abed Bwanika with the two pointing fingers at each other over a disagreement on how abductees should regain their freedom.

Nambooze who was against the idea of negotiating with the regime to have the abducted individuals released tempted Hon Abed Bwanika to expose her in what he termed as deception and trickery inside her.

According to Bwanika, Nambooze and so many like her go behind back doors to negotiate with the regime incase they need things that favor them as individuals but when it comes to saving the masses, they play the pretence game trying to hoodwink the public that they cannot negotiate with those in power.

Bwanika accused Nambooze of going to the Speaker’s office to beg for funds that took her to the United State to get specialized treatment where she spent over 6 months with all her bills cleared by the state and also being paid over 720 us dollars (2.7m) per day while her care taker who happened to be her husband Mr Bakireke earning 400 US dollars (1.5m) each day for the entire 6 months they spent in the USA.

According to Bwanika, these are double standings from opposition politicians like Nambooze who want to play a good Corp bad Corp game yet they are direct beneficiaries from the regime that they keep distancing themselves from.

Bwanika said he is not the usual politicians who play games seeking sympathy from the electorate but is one who will stand with the truth and do all what is possible to have those abducted or arrested for political reasons released through negotiations because the opposition has no capacity to use force to free the abducted prisoners nor use legal means to win the cases.

Bwanika also said he was happy that Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana managed to regain their freedom after successful negotiations with the state urging that further negotiations should take place to free more political prisoners.

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