Those who think political coalitions meant for elections will bring change are daydreaming, says FDC’s Amuriat

The President of Forum For Democratic Change @FDCOfficial1 Hon Patrick Amuriat Oboi @PatrickAmuriat, speaks out. #WhisperEyeNews, Last week while speaking at a rally in Serere came out to answer back at critics who pointed fingers at the FDC party for not supporting Alliance for National Transformation’s Alice Alaso in the forthcoming bye-election in Serere.

According to Amuriat, anyone who believes that forming political coalitions meant for elections to defeat the NRM government is daydreaming.

Amuriat, said instead the energies should be concentrated on pushing for electoral reforms because, without reforms, elections will always remain meaningless.

The FDC was criticized by its fellow opposition parties for refusing to support ANT’s Alice Alaso opting to front its own candidate Emmanuel Eratu.

The National Unity Platform led by Hon Robert Kyagulanyi last week confirmed that the Kamwokya-based party was not going to front any candidate but rather rally behind Alice Alaso from ANT.

Many expected that FDC was also to pull its candidate out of the race as one of the 1st steps towards forming a coalition opposition force to defeat the NRM at all levels of elections but this did not happen.

For a long time, the Uganda opposition has failed to demonstrate to its supporters that it is possible to form a strong coalition force. Many political analysts blame the failure of differences in ideologies and every party wanting to lead the coalition.

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