Mufumbiro exposes Mpuuga’s secret deals with the regime

There is fire burning inside the National Unity Platform after the party High Command allegedly discovering that their entrusted Leader of Opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga has been cutting deals with the President of Uganda Gen Museveni an act of betrayal to many.

The shocking news were revealed by the party Deputy Spokesperson Hon Waisswa Mufumbiro who while appearing on Pearl FM political talk show said that the Speaker of Parliament Hon Anita Among took a big number of opposition MPs to state house to meet Gen Museveni where one person negotiated that the Leader of Opposition after leaving that office should get benefits like those of the former Prime Minister.

According to Waisswa this was all done in the dark without the individuals wanting the party to find out about their deals with the regime.

Being that Hon Mpuuga is a direct beneficiary of the negotiations if approved by the head of state, it makes him part and parcel of the whole deal.

Waiswa said he is not shy to expose all those that have betrayed the struggle which costed lives of so many Ugandans.

Our inside sources within the party told this media that Hon Kyagulanyi was so furious about the matter and regretted ever shipping the former DP bloc members into NUP.

He was quoted saying “Bano bafala mwana ba Yuda.” literally meaning these idiots are traitors just like Judah Escariot who betrayed Jesus.

It has now been clear for some time that Mpuuga will be dropped as LoP as soon as his term expires with Kyagulanyi looking for a replacement whom he may trust.

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