“Opposition is full of moles, M7 infiltrated every party.” Munyagwa

Former Kawempe South MP Hon Mubarak Munyagwa has come out to say that he pities people who still believe the current Opposition can ever deliver anything as far as taking power is concerned.

According to Munyagwa, the opposition is full of moles and fully infiltrated by the regime in power led by Gen Yoweri Museveni. Munyagwa says this is the reason why no opposition activity can remain covert without every plan being known by the NRM.

Munyagwa added that it is why he personally distances self from some of the activities which he termed as comedic like the recent memorandum of understanding by all opposition parties to always front one candidate when it comes to elections.

Just a few months after the signing of the memorandum of understanding, the opposition is already having more than one candidate with the Alliance for National Transformation ANT and Forum for Democratic Change both having candidates.

Munyagwa said this is a sign that some ele elements within the opposition see these seats a source of income to ear from not to push the struggle to the next level.

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