Sisimuka Uganda founder Mr. Frank Gashumba @FrankGashumba has come out to say that no institution or individual is above scrutiny as long as one is a public servant being paid the taxpayers money. #WhisperEyeNews

Gashumba words came after Baaba tv had suspended some of its workers for allegedly speaking negative about the works of the parliament of Uganda. This is after parliament complained to the media house that it had been nagged by the words of Baba TV employees who criticized it for spending time on censuring Lands Minister Hon Persis Namuganza instead of using the time to debate important matters in the house.

Gashumba said he was disappointed by Baba TV for succumbing to the demands of parliament a public institution that is supposed to be scrutinized by the people (taxpayers) who pay hefty salaries to these members of Parliament.

” Nobody cant be scrutinized as long as he or she is paid the taxpayers money. Some think they are too big to be criticized for the wrongs they do. We even criticize Museveni on a daily basis. Nobody is above scrutiny.” Gashumba said

Gashumba said if one does not want to be scrutinized, he or she should abandon the public office and go start up a personal business in Kikuubo or in the Nakasero market. But as long as one held the Bible or Quaran and took an oath, he or she is subject to scrutiny because it’s we the taxpayers who pay his or her salary.

Gashumba, however, said that scrutiny does not mean insulting, demeaning, or undermining someone adding that he is against those who use sharp and vulgar language to insult MPs or any public servant.

Gashuma added that if people just sit back and don’t put the public institutions under scrutiny, this country of Uganda will be gone.

“As Ugandans who pay their salaries, we must flash a torch light into what they do to make sure the taxpayers money is not wasted. We cannot keep quiet when an institution or public servant is misbehaving or acting a way contrary to what he or she is supposed to do.” He added

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