“If you go to the Middle East for work, you’re on you’re own.” Minister Okello Oryemu

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon Henry Okello Oryemu has said that all Ugandans who are running to the middle East for work should know that they are on their own and should not expect much from government if they land into trouble.

Okello was speaking to Solomon Serrwanja a top investigative journalist who was asking the Minister what the government has done or is planning to do for the over 600,000 Ugandans majority of whom end up in trouble at work in the middle East.

The Minister responded that it is better these young men and women stay at home in Uganda because there is nothing much government can do to save them. He says that Uganda has alot of opportunities pointing at the large land mass that is cultivatable and thus there is no reason for a Ugandan to head to the middle East when he can do agriculture at home.

Okello added that he understands the expectations are always high from Ugandans about what the government can do but in reality the government has no capacity to save each and every individual who ends up in trouble.

” Why should they go there in the first place? My advise to them is to stay home. There is nothing much government can do to save all those in trouble. We don’t have that capacity. ” He said

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, atleast 600,000 Ugandans are in the middle East doing a number of jobs. However many have ended up in trouble especially those that work as house maids who go through alot of mistreatment from their bosses.

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