Chapter One: How the People Power Movement veered off its revolutionary path

The People Power Movement which was formed by Uganda’s opposition players to defeat president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni in 2018 headed by Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine lost direction thus failing to achieve its goal. #WhisperEyeNews

One of the People Power Movement founders Mr. Henry Lubowa gives a participant’s view to account for what transpires in due process.

It started with Arua: 001, Mr. Lubowa states;

By the time I, and Hon Mabikke made it to Hon Mwiru’s Landcruiser, on which we would later drive to Arua, tempers were blowing the roof.

Everybody was angry. Those in the cars were boiling, furious, incensed. You could sense the wrathful aura coming off each one of them. We couldn’t even attract direct eye contact from our comrades.

They had endured a good two hours, waiting anxiously – for us, who were in a meeting that obviously would bear no fruits – to be able to depart.

The driving distance from Kampala to Arua is 482 kilometers. Thinking about the nature of our opponents, the entire journey, and our past campaign encounter – in Bugiri, Jinja, and the Gulu UYD reunion attacks on our teams – the waiting comrades had a point to be furious.

Sam Lubega was visibly most vexed. He had actually, on several occasions stormed out of the waiting Landcruiser and approached us, in an attempt to get the heated meeting to end, but to no avail.

Hon Mwiru was as enraged. He gave a few words of counsel as we settled. I can’t forget Councilor Kataabu’s famous exclamation…. “kyoka banange…”

Kidandala is a quiet man. He patiently waited in his TX, the second car that formed our convoy of two cars to Arua. John Mary Ssebuwufu, the same, though later on the journey he would erupt.
The meeting had been impromptly arranged
for Hon Kyagulanyi to meet with us after skipping a People Power Presser held at Speke hotel earlier, too:

  1. Declare our support for Hon Kassiano Wadri, and
  2. Express our determination to liberate Arua by joining the ground troops, immediately.

Actually, we had planned that very day, to be part of the campaign trail in Arua. So, to members, Hon Kyagulanyi’s actions were diversionary, disruptive, and refractory.
The meeting itself told a lot. After Nyanzi was excluded, only myself, Mabikke, and Kyagulanyi stayed. It had started well. But soon the storm would set in.

Whisper Eye News is going to publish Mr. Lubowa’s view chapter per chapter.

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