Bobi Wine, Mayiga meet behind closed doors to discuss matters of Uganda’s political climate

Today the National Unity Platform President Hon Robert Kyagulanyi paid a courtesy call to the Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga at his office in Bulange, Mengo where the 2 leaders had a closed door meeting to discuss matters concerning the current political climate of Uganda.

On top of the agenda was the continued abductions of people especially those that affiliate with the National Unity Platform.

They also discussed about the issues that are affecting the people of Buganda and Uganda at large especially the youths who constitute the biggest percentage of the population.

Even when the deeper details of their discussions have not been released, this media was able to understand that the 2 leaders also talked about the role of Buganda in the politics of the country.

Even when Katikiro Mayiga has forlong been meeting leaders from the various political parties, its publicly known that Buganda is not yet satisfied with how the central government has forlong refused to return all what belongs to the kingdom.

The Kabaka has forlong been crying out to President Museveni to give back all what belonged to the Kingdom but somehow the NRA commander is reluctant to do so.

Since independence, Buganda has been a great factor in regime changes with the last being the Obote gov’t that was overthrown partly due to its unpopularity inthe central part of the country where Buganda is found. Many Baganda decided to support the rebels to oust Obote out in revenge for what Obote did to Kabaka Edward Muteesa.

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