Big Story: I trust your lead but am not blind, Gen Bigirwa asks Bobi Wine to crack Museveni moles in NUP, pens hot letter

The National Unity Platform (NUP) deputy secretary for mobilization Busoga sub region Gen Bigirwa Moses who was suspended from his responsibility in the Party has asked Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine to crack down on Museveni moles in the party as soon as possible.

On 12 January 2023, NUP secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya wrote a letter on orders of the party president Mr Bobi Wine suspending five leaders from Busoga sub region, including Bigirwa Moses.

Many NUP members and letters from Busogo opposed the suspension of Gen Bigirwa saying that there are Museveni moles fighting their leader (Gen Bigirwa) who is working day and night to wipe out NRM from Busoga sub region.

Although the NUP party constituted a disciplinary committee to make investigations and come up with the fine decision nothing much has been done to solve the matter, thus pushing Mr Bigirwa to pen down a letter to Mr Wine.

Gen Bigirwa’s letter in full;

To the President NUP
H E Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu, Kyaliwange.

Through the SG

Mr President you took a decision to Suspend me from My Official Capacity together with four others and you Constituted a committee of Five Competent leaders to Investigate our Conduct.

In my understanding I thought that your directive was done in the best interest of our Party.

Am surprised to see Muwanguzi (Pastor Muwanguzi) moving with the Police officers in kamuli town they’re arresting Party leaders day and night, last week on Wednesday night Kamuli Police arrested Mr Kavuma Badru the chairperson NUP Kamuli municipality at KBS FM radio immediately after a radio talk show, Mr Amuvin Julius the NUP Registrar Kamuli Municipality was also arrested while have supper that very night.

The atmosphere at Kamuli Police station shows that, they are working under the instructions from above and Muwanguzi has threatened every body especially party leaders who tried to follow up the arrests of the our comrades that “That the President is going to dismiss you from the party if you don’t leave these issues, that you ordered him to dismantle My team which I move with, that the SG (NUP secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya) is aware about the ongoing arrests of the party members and have facilitated the Process, by doing so other Big NRM guys got interested in this matter”.

This was proved yesterday at the Chief Magistrate Court Kamuli were our comrades were brought to appear in court NRM guys in Kamuli town were at the Court making many phone calls to their superior within the NRM from Busoga subregion and Eastern at large, especially from Speaker Anita Among.

Since the Referendum of 2005 that Opened Multiparty political space, all Parties have faced internal challenges amongst their members I witnessed it in DP, in UPC it was the same, FDC they used to box each other at their Headquarters which led to the departure of Hon Betty Kamya, Gen Muntu among others but I have never seen any Party member from those Parties using the State Police to arrest fellow members regardless of the disagreement.

Since when NUP’s interests match with the NRM? I saw it Yesterday.

If the committee was C
constituted to investigate our conducts let it do it’s work and give it’s findings, if they find that there’s criminal acts which was done by the party members from Kamuli branch, then they will recommend for the state execution, in letter you ordered for our compliance and non involvement in the operations of the Party but Muwanguzi is busy selecting people who will appear before the committee when they come on ground and I thought he was suspended too, or he was used as a conduit but the real target was different.

Therefore Mr President as an ordinary member I wanted to know whether the committee was constituted in the best interest of the Party or the judgement was already on table even before the committee was put in place?

I wanted to know the direction where we are taking the revolution, because it was my first time to see NRM guys to celebrate the action which was done by the opposition party and share notice on how to arrest and detain the oppressed.

“As this photo shows I trust your lead but am not blind.”

Gen Bigirwa Moses

PPFOO5 Mp Kamuli Municipality

People Power, Our Power

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