Gen Museveni vows to crash those spreading hate speech and sectarianism


en Museveni while speaking at the 37th NRA liberation day in Kakumiro District said that all those that are fond of promoting sectarianism and preaching hate speech will be prosecuted and roasted like pigs because politics of identity has no place in Uganda led by the NRM

Museveni said that politicians holding public offices whether elected or appointed can be prosecuted and forced to lose their seats because what brought trouble in Uganda in the 80s, 70s and 60s was the politics of identity that led to blood shed.

Recently, kakuuto MP Hon Goffrey Lutaaya was recorded saying that the Bavandimwe (Ugandans of Rwanda origin) should be fought because they are the ones that have done the greatest effort in making sure Gen. Museveni stays in power.

It is yet to be known if Lutaaya could become the first victim of Gen Museveni’s directives to prosecute all those spreading hate and promoting politics of identity.

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