Exclusive: NUP founder Mzee Kibalama quietly returns from exile , very ill with no help at his home in Buwambo

The founder of Uganda’s opposition political party, the National Unity Platform (NUP) Mzee Moses Kibalama returns home silently from exile. Mzee Kibalama went to Kenya after receiving death threats last year.

Reliable source has told Us, that Mzee Kibalama is at his home in Buwambo battling with illness.

“I was at a health facility in Buwambo and I saw a patient being attended to by a medical personnel. I was surprised to see the patient on bed is someone I have seen in news for so many times, Mzee Kibalama,” says the source.

“Mzee Kibalama was unwell and looked to be experiencing much pain,” the source added.

The reasons as to why Mzee Kibalama made a decision to return home despite the death threats which forced him to seek refuge in Kenya are not yet known.

Mzee Kibalama started the NUP party and in July 2020, together with his executive signed a memorandum of understanding and incorporated the People Power Movement led by Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert a.k.a Bobi Wine into his party leadership thus Mr Wine becoming the NUP president and the flag bearer for the party in the 2021 presidential elections and Kibalama the vice president.

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