Religious leaders appeal to security agencies to investigate rampant accidents in country

BY Norman Kabugu

Religious leaders from greater Masaka have appealed to all security agencies to come out and investigate rampant accidents which have claimed the lives of Ugandans.

Leaders made their remarks at Bukakata village in Masaka district during the burial of a senior NRM cadre who has been the LC. III chairperson late Ssalongo Jjuuko Aloysius who died of a heart attack while he was in Masaka City.

They are demanding tough actions on careless drivers including those who over speed claiming to reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption due to high fuel prices.

“Most of the vehicles which are operating in public transport are having mechanical problems which need to be addressed as soon as possible,” they said.

They accuse some drivers of using dangerous drugs which results in those fatal accidents.

The president of the Republic of Uganda Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni donated ten million Uganda shillings (10m) to the family of late Jjuuko Aloysius to help them in sending off the late.

Minister Hajji Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo while handing over ten million Uganda shillings to the family of late Jjuuko

His condolence message was delivered by the state minister for microfinance Hajji Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo.

Minister Kasolo told the mourners that the government is already helping the people of Bukakata. He appealed to locals to avoid involving themselves in political wars because they will lose a lot of developmental programs like Emyooga, and the Parish Development Model(PDM) among others.

Minister Kasolo told the mourners to educate their children, and teach them good behaviors to be successful in their life.

He appealed to all opposition more so the youth to stop that habit of chasing NRM cadres during burial ceremonies causing chaos saying it’s against norms and culture.

Peter Ssenkungu the NRM chairperson of Masaka district praised the late and told the mourners that Ssalongo Jjuuko Aloysius (late) was not educated but he has been among the top parents who contributed much to the construction of the government Seed school at Bukakata after realizing that his people needed a school as their children move long distances to look for secondary schools yet they are poor to pay school fees.

Mengo officials Muwalimu Kato (M),Dr. Stephen Kasiima the former traffic boss in the Uganda police force also attended the function

Buddu county deputy Pokino Muwalimu Abdullah Kato said that the late has been loving Mengo Kingdom and he was among the leaders who stormed into their offices at Ssaza to look for maximum support locals of Bukakata sub-county.

Ssebadduka Jjuuko one of the late’s sons asked all the friends of their family to continue giving them support and guidance than creating wars between the family members and also thanked all friends of their late father more so president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his government.

The Masaka district RDC Teopista Ssenkungu revealed to the mourners that the late Jjuuko called him before he passed on to call a meeting between one of his top rivals and one of his sons who has been crushing with him.

“He told me he was fed up with those wars and wanted to shake hands with his rivals,” says RDC Ssenkungu.

“But the creator called him before that fruitful meeting. I’m ready to reunite them as the deceased wished to have a conducive environment,” she added.

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