Panic in NRM camp as Gen Museveni remains mute on his 2026 presidential bid

Pressure is mounting within the NRM party after their Supreme leader Gen President Museveni refused to say anything regarding his position in the upcoming 2026 elections despite being pushed on the matter


This was during a workshop for Headteachers from the central region at the National Leadership in Kyankwanzi where Mzee Tova ku’s main chants were heard being directed towards Gen Museveni in an attempt to get a comment from him on the matter.

Vice President Jesca Alupo had earlier organized the Headteachers assuring them that nobody will stop Gen Museveni from appearing on the ballot paper in 2026.

“In everything that is done in the NRM information sharing is number one. So I want to share with you the information that H.E Yoweri Museveni will again come to all of us in 2026,” Alupo said.

Gen Museveni and VP Jesca Alupo
However, the president still refused to comment on the matter, simply looking on as they sang, he neither clapped nor waved back.

When he stood to speak, he did not comment about the matter either, instead preferring to lecture on a litany of things.

This is the second time the president is finding himself in such a situation. Last year, he was faced with the same when the doctors’ body led by Dr. Samuel Odongo Oledo asked him to stand in the 2026 elections.

He said it was not time for politics but did not necessarily turn down their request.

The Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba camp however says that Gen Museveni’s silence is a sign that come 2026, his son will have to take over from him because the time is ripe for the sons of the revolutionaries to steer the country to further development.

The Deputy spokesperson Buganda region of Team MK army Hon Kabanda David said that it is a pity some NRM officials think they love Gen Museveni more than his son further adding that Hon Jesca Alupo cannot be trusted by the president especially when she supported Hon Amama Mbabazi in 2016 to oust the NRA commander out of power.

“The President knows Alupo very well, he is also aware of all her schemes. Does she think he forgot about how she was Pushing Amama Mbabazi against him in 2016?” Kabanda said

Mr.Balaam Barugahare the Vice Chairperson Western Region of the MK army while at a press conference at Kololo Courts Hotel on Thursday said that Hon Jesca Alupo should stop blackmailing the president by throwing words into his mouth. He added that the MK army is not fighting Gen Museveni but offering a standby generator in case Museveni decides not to stand.

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