Principal Bobi Wine suspends Moses Bigirwa, Pastor Muwanguzi, 3 other top NUP leaders

What has been reported?

The Deputy Secretary for Eastern Mobilisation Gen Moses Bigirwa suspended. #WhisperEyeNes

Pastor Andrew Muwanguzi acting head of Ideology, Lulenzi Bamu acting coordinator of Youth, Mr. Jamla Ayagalaki Mukuve, and the acting Jinja city chairperson Mr. Saulo Nsongambi all suspended pending a probe into their alleged misconduct, a signed letter by NUP Secetraty General David Lews Rubongoya reads.

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu commonly known as Bobi Wine but mostly referred to as principal due to his high esteem and massive support enjoyed by Ugandans has hide to the call of intellectuals to start cleaning the party he heads.

The largest Uganda opposition party National Unity Platform (NUP) Leader has suspended five top NUP leaders from Busoga Sub-Region for allegedly misconduct and violation of the party constitution.

Over the past months, there have been many squabbles, infights, and divisions between some of our leaders from Busoga sub-region,” a statement signed by Mr. Rubongoya Thursday afternoon stated, adding that these divisions have grossly damaged the image of their party and threatened cohesion among their members and supporters.

The party noted that the divisions have been aggravated by several leaders through their communication on various media channels, he said.

“This goes contrary to the obligation of members and leaders within the party, as stipulated by article 5.3 (b) of our Constitution which requires all members to conduct themselves in a manner that does not bring disrepute to the name of the party. The party has made several attempts to resolve these matters amicably, but to no avail,” Mr. Rubongoya added.

According to Mr. Rubongoya a lawyer by profession, their party president Mr. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu has with immediate effect suspended the five stated leaders from their offices and also instituted a committee to investigate their conduct and advise the party on the way forward.

“While on suspension, they are not expected to carry out any functions or their offices or purport to represent the party on any platform and any capacity,” Mr. Rubongoya continued to state.

The instituted committee will be headed by the western NUP coordinator Hon Jolly Mugisha and former NRM member and RDC now Butambala Woman MP on NUP ticket Hon Aisha Kabanda, and other members of the committee are Moses Kanaabi, William Odinga Balikuddembe, and Fatuma Kassim.

“The committee will accord them the right to be heard, but also engage with the People of Busoga sub-region on this and other related matters,” Mr. Rubongoya letter confimed.

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