Here is Gen Saleh – Lukwago deal that has gone sour

Here is Gen Saleh – Lukwago deal that has gone sour

Ugandans are interested to know details about the ongoing cold war between president Museveni’s brother Gen Salim Akandwanaho Saleh’s team and Kampala Lord Mayor Al-haji Ssalongo Erias Lukwago over Saleh’s two letters he wrote to Lukwago threatening to withdraw his political support from him.

The first letter dated 31/12/2022 shocked Ugandans especially those from opposition over Gen Saleh’s allegations that he has been helping Lord Mayor Lukwago.

In September 2016, the Red pepper leaked a story that Lukwago had met with Gen Saleh and hammered a deal in which he was given shillings 3bn and an offer to upgrade his Wakaliga low grade bungalow to the present posh mansion.

Lukwago denied the existence of any such pact and demanded for an apology and compensation of 3bn in damages from the Red Pepper. With new information now emerging from Gen Saleh’s hand written letter circulating, the Red Pepper has been absolved.
Those privy to the deal confirm that the Saleh – Lukwago secret pact has been the grapevine’s well kept secret since 2016.
It is reported that Lukwago compromised with the deep state in 2016 and has since been an opposition mole.

This is in exchange for ; being allowed to occupy the office of the Mayor (having been locked out for 5 years in 2011),a new and fully furnished Mansion at Wakaliga, 2 acres of land at Mutundwe, payment of a shilling 500m salary claim and shillings 600m loan pay off in Tropical Bank.

Insiders privy to the Lukwago – Saleh 2016 deal, which was reviewed and amended in 2021 report that it had the following terms and conditions;

Lukwago not to hold any demonstrations in the greater Kampala Metropolitan Area
For 15 years now, the fire spitting Kampala Lord Mayor has not held any major anti regime demonstrations in the greater Kampala Metropolitan area of Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono, which was an agreed term in the Saleh –Lukwago pact.
Lukwago to spy and report on Besigye activities and Plans
In the Saleh – Lukwago pact, the Lord Mayor is assigned to remain close to opposition doyen Col Dr Kiiza Besigye and report his inside activities and plans to Saleh.

Because he enjoys Besigye’s trust, Lukwago was tasked where possible to divert, disorganise or neutralise Besigye plans from within, a job he has done so far so excellently.
Lukwago to disorganise FDC

Following his formal joining of FDC in 2021, Gen Saleh assigned Lukwago fresh tasks which include: aggravating internal grievances, creating disloyalty and disobedience, and causing disharmony and diversions and internally sabotaging any anti regime mobilisation programs in the FDC party, a job that Lukwago has perform

exceedingly well.
Lukwago to work with Rubongoya and also join NUP
Inspite FDC /NUP relations being rocky, Lukwago works closely with Rubongoya, often at Kamokya NUP offices than he is at FDC and many times in attendance of all NUP functions following mediation by Gen Saleh between NUP secretary General Lewis Rubongoya and Erias Lukwago. Lukwago is also reported in negotiations to run as Mayor in 2026 on the NUP ticket.
Lukwago to end conflict at KCCA
In the pact Lukwago agreed to minimise conflict and work cordially with the Kcca Minister, Kabanda and Executive Director – Kisaka. Unlike under the Jennifer Musisi tenure as ED, the conflict and animosity at Kcca is a story of the past.

Having proved a smart and reliable spy, Lukwago has fully met his side of the bargain, and in the pact, Gen Saleh was to meet the following terms:

Gen Saleh sacks Jennifer Musisi for Lukwago to play ball, his nemesis at Kcca – Jennifer Musisi had to be removed as Executive Director.

Jennifer was thus the sacrificial lamb for stability and normalisation at city hall. Lukwago won the political duet between him and Jennifer but little did the gullible public know that he had done so with the tacit support of Gen Saleh.
Gen Saleh builds Wakaliga house for Lukwago.

In a confidence building act, Gen Saleh offered to demolish Lukwago’s old three bedroom low grade Wakaliga house and have a new mansion built, complete with furnishings. The bait worked and Lukwago increasingly got engrained into the NRM spy system.

Gen Saleh donates Mutundwe land to Lukwago.

He got another donation from General Saleh of 2 acres of land near his Serene Hotel hide out in Mutundwe.

Lukwago has now taken possession of the site and is constructing a magnificent multi million mansion for his new home. His spy mission has paid off.

Gen Saleh orders Kcca to pay shs 500M salary claim. In a shocking move to the Judiciary and staff at Kcca, in early 2022, Gen Saleh ordered Kcca Executive Director – Kisaka to pay shillings 500m as Lukwago’s arrears for the years he was kept out of office.

The payment came at the backdrop of two court rulings in the High court and Court of Appeal, both of which confirmed that Lukwago was rightfully impeached by Council and was not entitled to any salary compensation.

President Museveni’s brother Gen Saleh pays off shs 600M loan in Tropical Bank. Impressed with Lukwago’s smart spy job, Gen Saleh boosted Lukwago with shillings 600m loan pay off in Tropical Bank and all accumulated interest in 2019.

The cause of the current conflict

Lukwago has realised too late, that he has received crumbs, considering that the deep state and its agents has stuffed KCCA with own appointees, grabbed large tracts of land and prime properties, taken multibillion shilling deals in the city.

This prompted Lukwago to stage a missile attack on Gen Saleh, first at an event at City hall and later at Nsambya.

His goal is to bring Gen Saleh and agents of the deep state back on table for a better bargain.
It turned out a miscalculation, as the the deep state no longer considers Lukwago useful nor fears his disruptive capacity and like a guerrilla he is, Gen Saleh chose an ambush strike, detonating a devastating political nuclear bomb over Lukwago, from which the Lord Mayor is unlikely to politically recover.

“If it is the will of God, there is going to be time when people will get shocked when they get to know who the real moles are in opposition,” Rtd Maj Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu, 2021 former FDC president said.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is set to investigate about Lord Mayor Lukwago and Museveni’s brother Gen Saleh relationship as alleged by Saleh in his two letters.

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