Lukwago should accept the truth that he has been dealing Gen Saleh, says Mao

Democratic Party President Hon Nobert Mao (@norbertmao) yesterday held a press conference at the party headquarters on Balintuma road in Kampala where he spared some time to comment on Gen Saleh and Lord Mayor Lukwago’s alleged backdoor collaborations. #WhisperEyeNews

Mao said he who laughs last laughs loud stinging Lukwago for denying the truth yet he deep inside he knows he has been receiving support from Gen Salim Saleh.

Mao said that Lukwago and many other rebel politicians who left DP to join other parties have had close ties with the top NRM bosses who on many occasions were funding their campaigns and receiving other forms of political support as they keep hoodwinking their supporters that they are in the struggle to oust NRM out of power.

Mao said that the difference between him and the likes of Lukwago is that he came out openly to cooperate with the government in power in broad daylight as per the cooperation agreement that was signed just as many other top former DP politicians had done like the late Ben Kiwanuka and Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere but the likes of Lukwago are pretending to be fighting the government in the light while collaborating with it in the dark.

Mao said he has received reliable information that truly Lukwago was working undercover with Gen Saleh advising him to swallow a hard pill and confess adding that soon other wolves in goats skins will be exposed.

“Lukwago is just pretending. Many others are like him. They were fighting me in DP calling me a mole now we can see the real moles.” He said

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