Kizza Besigye speaks out on Lukwago-Gen Saleh, saying Judge traitors by their deeds not what they speak

Four time presidential candidate retired colonel Dr. Kizza Besigye is among the many Ugandans that have come out to comment on the chits allegedly sent from Gen Salim Saleh to the Kampala Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago. #WhisperEyeNews

Besigye said it is true moles exist in the opposition but is very sure Erias Lukwago is not among them. Besigye said there are people who are known in the opposition pretending to be part of the struggle but they are more agents of the regime and on the payroll.

The former FDC President said moles and traitors are sons by their actions not necessarily what they speak.

” You can only tell a mole by what he does not what he speaks. Someone may be good at criticizing the government using their mouth but what he does is exactly the opposite. We have in the past been betrayed by so many and the public knows them. That is why these days we are so careful.” He said

“For Lukwago, his actions are evident that he is an iron fist man fighting for the people of Uganda. Whether Saleh wrote the chit or not, Lukwago is among the cleanest people in the struggle who cannot betray the people of Uganda.’ He added.

Besigye has challenged Gen Saleh to come out and explain to the public what kind of political support he has been giving to the Lord Mayor.

Yesterday Erias Lukwago also distanced himself from the chits making it clear that he has never met or even shaken hands with Gen Saleh anywhere whether publicly or privately.

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