“Check with URSB and URA about my investments before exposing your ignorance,” Gashumba responds to Nambooze

The team MK media coordinator Mr Frank M. Gashumba has no sweet words for the Mukono Municipality MP Hon Betty Nambooze who while at a traditional function in Mukono attacked the Sisimuka Uganda founder of allegedly having mysterious wealth which is not backed up by known investments he owns.

Nambooze was speaking about how many tycoons in Kampala have politically modified wealth but are not known for owning investments that reflect the kind of lifestyles they live using Mr Frank Gashumba as an example.

Nambooze’s words didn’t land well in the ears of Mr. Gashumba who advised the Mukono Legislator to first of all check with the Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) before she can open her mouth to expose ignorance.

Gashumba says, unlike Nambooze who only grew rich after entering Parliament, his works and investments are known and anyone who would wish to know what he does can consult him.

“This Nambooze speaking nonsense was broke like a church mouse smelling poverty. After eating big in parliament, she has now gained weight and beautified a bit. Previously even the ugly could laugh at her. Those are the people who claim they are removing the dictator.” Gashumba ranted

Gashumba adds that it is good Dr. Kizza Besigye said we should judge politicians by their actions not what they speak further adding that Nambooze is among the crooks in the opposition claiming to fight for the suffering Ugandans yet they are gaining riches from the same government.

Gashumba has vowed to continue exposing the moles and comedic politicians who are feeding on the blood of the suffering Ugandans giving them false hope that they are fighting the regime yet they are amassing wealth from it.

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