Munyagwa says , political ‘Maguires’ are killing the struggle

“Political ‘Maguires’ are killing the struggle. ” Munyagwa #WhisperEyeNews

Hon. Munyagwa Mubarak Sserunga Mugaati gwa Batta has come out to say that struggle to liberate Uganda from the hands of Gen Museveni has for long been facing setbacks because of some individuals who pretend to be part of the struggle yet in actual sense they work for the regime in power.

Munyagwa said these are called political Maguires referring to a Manchester United Player Harry Maguire whose mistakes in defense have cost his team lots of points.

Munyagwa says there are people in the opposition whom he doesn’t want even to talk to because he knows that during the day they are part of the struggle but at night they are dining with the regime in power.

Munyagwa said such individuals have brought a lot of setbacks in the race to oust Museveni from power but added that whatever the case, the regime will be overthrown very soon.

Munyagwa added that he is happy the opposition has started galvanizing itself into one force to form a firm political ground with a great magnitude that will shake the regime into collapse.

“I was so happy to see Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine coming up together to form one force. 2023 is a year of liberation. We are not waiting for 2026.” Munyagwa said

The former Kamwempe South MP also urged the opposition to put their differences aside and focus on the main goal of getting rid of the regime in power and later sort out their differences.

Munyagwa miserably lost in the 2021 polls to Hajji Kazibwe Bashir of the National Unity Platform but is optimistic that come 2026, he will liberate the constituency from the hands of a man who has recently been termed as a political mole.

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