Minister Kyofatogabye says, Lukwago should take me to court if am falsely accusing him over Gen Saleh’s letter

Kampala Minister Hon Tofa Kyofatogabye has given green light to Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago to drag him to court if he is falsely accusing him of receiving the letter from Gen Saleh. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews

The flying letter that has since circulated on social media has information#W on how Gen Saleh promised to withdraw political support he has been rendering to the Lord Mayor if he doesn’t withdraw his statements that pinned Gen Saleh for allegedly misusing power.

Lukwago has not yet officially responded to the letter with many thinking he could be preparing legal actions against his accusers.

Kyofatogabye said that he has no reason to lie about the whole thing because he is ready to face the courts of law if at all Erias Lukwago decides to take legal action against him.

The information shows Gen Saleh delivered the chit to Lukwago through Minister Kyofatogabye. However, the 4-star General has not yet come out to confirm whether it’s he who wrote the chit or not.

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