Prince Nakibinge Joe Jjuuko Mulyazaawo applauds Katikkiro Mayiga’s term of office as one of the best

Buganda’s prince Nakibinge Joe Jjuuko Mulyazaawo applaud Katikkiro Mayiga’s term of office as one of the best Buganda prime ministers ever. #WhisperEyeNews

Prince Nakibinge Job Jjuuko makes account for Buganda’s prime minister “Katikkiro” Charles Peter Mayiga under Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

Prince Nakibinge’s statement in full;

I have not seen a good and credible, strategic and representational Buganda Katikiro during Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s reign “Omulembe Omutebi” as Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga.

He has represented Buganda’s interests under the contemporary Uganda very well, trust me in all corners first; he managed politicians who wanted to use Mengo for personal gains from both sides, the ruling party: National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Opposition right away from the beginning of his term in office.

PM Charles Pater Mayiga

He is a great leader. I know as Baganda our expectations are always high and not easy to reach our goals as Baganda in nature we yarn for bigger things, but Mayiga’s vision is a dream for most of us in Buganda.

I appreciate him for fighting out self seekers from Mengo to strengthen the Kabakaship, giving new hope to the people of Kabaka, promoting agriculture mainly with his efforts to promote coffee farming “Emwanyi Terimba”, and linking up with various companies and organisations to finance Buganda projects.

I hope and wish him well to solve the challenge of Land, Palaces of fallen Kings and Tourism sites.

He has had a remarkable mark on the promotion of Luganda language to an extent that it was among the local languages in Africa selected to use during the broadcasting of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

There is a need to restore the prestige of Kabaka’s chiefs in the kingdom as it was in the past reigns.

Thank you Katikkiro Mayiga!

Many people have appreciated Owek. Mayiga for his efforts and changes at Mengo establishment. Mainly uniting Buganda and other regions western, northern and Eastern.

Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga is ranked as the best Katikkiro of Buganda in the modern times.

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