Dennis Tumuhairwe pins down Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago over allegations of receiving political help from Gen Salim Saleh

Political analyst Dennis Tumuhairwe pins down Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago over allegations of receiving political help from Museveni’s young brother the 4-star Gen Salim Akandwanaho Saleh. #WhisperEyeNews

Opposition and anti-Museveni politician Dennis Tumuhairwe has pined down Kampala Lord Mayor Al-haji Ssalongo Erias Lukwago for diverting from Gen Salim Akandwanako Saleh’s allegations of working with him to protect his elder brother’s (President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni) government against opposition.

Mr. Tumuhairwe has warned Lord Mayor Lukwago to stop his comedy, and respond to Gen Saleh directly other than attacking the messengers.

Yesterday 4th January, the announcement that Kampala’s Lord Mayor was due to address the press and respond to, particularly a handwritten note addressed to him from Gen Saleh, the President’s brother, brought a sigh of relief in the opposition.

When the handwritten note first surfaced on the 31st of December 2022, the public remained skeptical as to whether this was not another social media prank.

But the New Vision of 4th January headline story confirmed that indeed in an interview, Gen. Saleh had owned the handwritten note and was insisting on an apology from Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

The New Vision – Saleh Interview brought to light what perhaps has been a 7-year well-kept secret, with the grave implication that the once, trusted opposition actor has for long been an operative of the deep state.

The public then wanted to hear a reply from the horse’s mouth.

The public awaited a categorical statement from the usually combative Lord Mayor such as “I have seen a copy of a handwritten note purportedly from Gen Saleh to me, My attention has also been drawn to a story in New Vision in effect Gen. Saleh owning the note and its contents. I hereby wish to inform Ugandans that I have no links with Gen. Saleh nor have I at any point in my struggles enjoyed his backing.”

The public also expected something like “I have therefore decided to invoke legal force against the person of Gen. Saleh. I wish to arrest the fears that this story could have enlisted in my Party – FDC, the opposition fraternity, and the general public.”

We saw none of this, instead, Lukwago angrily read a diversionary statement avoiding direct confrontation and attack on Gen Saleh, the author of the note who owned up to the note according to the New Vision.

In his address to the press, Lukwago lashed out at Uganda’s leading daily the New vision for their headline story and threatened to sue the paper and any other paper that dared write about that story.

However, political analyst Dennis Tumuhairwe lashed out at Lukwago whom he accused of shooting the messenger, totally ignoring the message which is akin to diversion.

No cause of action against the New Vision.

Mr. Tumuhairwe insisted that Lukwago should focus his attack on Gen. Saleh who claims to have been rendering some sort of political support to the Lord Mayor.

“I see a guilty fella focusing on the messenger, totally ignoring the message,” added Mr Tumuhairwe.

“The public wants you to face Gen Saleh, look him in the eye and tell him off as you have acted in such circumstances so many times before,” he explained.

“Or better still look into the camera and address him directly,” he said.

According to Mr. Tumuhairwe, Lord Mayor Lukwago was expected to allay fears which have engulfed the general public;

A. Because he was locked out of the office as the Mayor for 5 years since 2011, maybe he compromised with his tormentors in order to be allowed back in office in 2016.

B. In the process he began eating at the table of his tormentors while continuing to play to the gullible gallery of the opposition.

C, He received an olive branch and favor from the regime to help him overcome the NUP wave in the 2021 Mayoral race.

And this could have been the meaning of Ephesians 2:12-18 a verse dedicated to the Lord Mayor in the alleged Salim Saleh note.

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