Don’t be fooled by ‘bling bling politics’ of opposition, Journalist Muyanga Lutaaya warns public

Journalist Sir Simon Muyanga Lutaaya a member of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) early this week came out and warned opposition supporters to be careful while dealing with some of the top opposition politicians who according to Muyanga Lutaaya are playing comedic politics to hoodwink the public that they are fighting to remove the ‘dictator’.

Muyanga’s sharp words came as he was commenting on the recent end of year prayers which had been organized by opposition politicians at Sharing Hall Nsambya only to be subbortaged by the Uganda Police Force officers who swung into action to block any prayers from taking place.

According to Muyanga, had the opposition politicians organized the prayers in silence without necessarily wanting to cause havoc in the city, people would turn up and prayers would have gone on peacefully but because they wanted to show off and act as if they are using the prayers for other ill intentions, Police had to swing in.

Muyanga says these politicians wanted to make news and gain some social political capital, which is why they acted liked that a term he called ‘political bling bling’ literally meant politics of showing off.

Muyanga added that these politicians if arrested are escorted back home while their supporters are dragged to jails where they are subjected to a lot of suffering.

” The person you’re dieing for will be escorted back home while you the wanaichi will be taken to jail. You need to use your head before being involved in some of these activities.” He said

Muyanga who contested on the FDC ticket in 2016 and 2021 losing miserably on both occasions has left so many wondering whether he is still focused on the struggle or he decided to cross to the other side of the river.

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