DP rival faction unveils offices, sound warning to Minister Mao

The Democratic Party (DP) rival faction unveiled its offices to further the struggle against president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni after DP party president Norbert Mao (@norbertmao ) signed a memorandum of understanding with him. #WhisperEyeNews

A faction contesting Chairman Nobert Mao’s continued stay at the helm of the DP even after his appointment as a minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister in the ruling NRM government on Friday 30th. December 2022 unveiled separate offices at Bulange View zone in Mengo, only a few blocks from the DP general offices referred to as Balintuma offices.


Whereas Nobert Mao has reasoned that he did not join the NRM but instead is working under a cooperation agreement with President Museveni, the faction opposed to him is arguing that Mao outrightly defected and no longer has the moral authority to lead a Party of great men like Ben Kiwanuka and Paul Semogerere. And as such continuing to work under him is an endorsement of his defection and support to the ruling government and President Museveni.

Dr Kizza Besigye arriving at the new DP faction offices

The group has organized itself under the Save DP Committee and DP Bloc.

The faction says it could no longer organize under DP main DP offices at City House and Balintuma and instead opted to unveil its own premises at Bulange view zone where it will operate its own mobilization programs.

They intend to reach out to the DP structures, youth, women, students, and all trade groups.

The unveiling was attended by Retired Colonel Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Hon Sebamaala, Hon Sam Mukaku, and many other dignitaries.

DP faction new offices

During the function, DP members sounded the last warning to Mr. Mao to work with president Museveni peacefully but must leave DP affairs since he can no longer save the interests of common Ugandans suffering due to President Museveni’s misrule in Uganda.

However, we have also learnt that Buikwe South MP Hon Bayiga Lulume was not part of this DP faction and says he will fight inside the party. He maintains that City House and Banlituma stays the only offices of Democratic party.

Whisper Eye’s efforts to speak to Hon Norbert Mao were futile despite repeated calls and messages however Norbert Mao has always labeled those against the move to work with the current regime as myopic with no sound program to turn this country’s democracy to another step.

In June response to calls to relinquish his position as DP president after his appointment as minister, “The constitution of DP and the cooperation agreement are not mutually exclusive. I signed it as the president of the Democratic Party and I shall continue discharging my duty as the president of the Democratic Party. I have heard voices calling for me to step aside. I think the reason is not a cooperation agreement. The reason would have been if members said you (Mao) would be too busy because it would be reasonable. The venomous outbursts I have heard show that many of our members have not internalized the impacts of the cooperation agreement. DP must have a leadership that is committed to those issues.”

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