Airtel stole from me UGX 750,000 via monthly data, a frustrated customer says

By WhisperEye Investigative Unit

Mr. Tito [not real name, prefers anonymity] who was once Airtel Uganda’s proud customer is now spitting venom after the telecommunication company allegedly chopped his Ugx750,000 via multiple monthly data bundle purchases. #WhisperEyeNews

Sharing his experience through one of the WhatsApp groups, Tito narrates that on 5th October 2022 he made multiple purchases of home internet data bundles worth Ugx750000 but unfortunately in just 23 days he was informed that he had to make another purchase as his bundles were used up.

The above left Tito wondering how he used over 310 GB in just three weeks something he terms ‘broad day robbery’.

”Check this, Airtel has this home internet product; get it at your own risk! Between the 5th of October to the 27th of October, I used 310 GB. Remember I stay alone, I come back home at night, I only watch one episode of Netflix, and read emails, that’s it,” says Tito.

According to Tito, Airtel is the worst company when it comes to expensive data bundles. He pens;

”At the office, we are 18 people, doing software engineering work, but we use less than 300 GB in a month, from another service provider; people at the office watch movies, download heavy software, and do complex software work that requires real data, the service provider gave us a cap of 300 GB per month, but we have never reached it for the last 12 months.”

”But Airtel was here telling me that I use an average of 310 GB a month, me who stays alone and use the internet for very few tasks.”

Tito now thinks the monopoly of Airtel and MTN is a danger to Uganda’s digital transformation and economic growth. He scorns at leaders for remaining silent as telecom companies continue to rob billions from poor Ugandans.

This comes just a few days after another customer exposed MTN Uganda for cheating him of data worth 10k also through data bundle purchases.

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