Gashumba to Bobi wine. ” The US has better things to think about than help you oust Museveni out of power.”

Mr Frank Gashumba has no kind words for Mr Kyagulanyi Robert and the entire Uganda opposition as far as removing Gen Museveni out of power is concerned. #WhisperEyeNews

Mr Gashumba said that it is day dreaming for Hon Robert Kyagulanyi the leader of the National Unity Platform to think that the United States or Europe will help him overthrow Gen Museveni and his government.

According to Gashumba, the US has better and more pressing issues to think about than help Kyagulanyi remove Museveni out of power forexample the ongoing war Ukraine where the big powers are fighting for supremacy.

Gashumba said that the US has no interest to remove Museveni because no leader on the African continent has worked in favor of the US interests more than Gen Museveni.

” Museveni is one the the greatest allies of the US on the African continent. Whenever they need him he is available. This is why you see Ugandan troops in Somalia doing a great job in an area where the US troops had failed restore peace for decades. Where would they get the appetite to overthrow him?” Gashumba said

Gashumba also reminded the opposition that the United States only cares about its interests but not what happens to Ugandans and thus any leader who supports their interests will remain in good books with them whether he is a dictator at home or not.

Gashumba also added that African leaders who were ousted by the US like Col Muammar Gadaffi of Libya were not pushed out because of their dictatorial tendencies in their countries but because of their continued subbortage of American interests in Africa adding that this is where Kyagulanyi gets it all wrong.

” Kyagulanyi keeps saying that as it happened in Libya or Sudan will happen here but he forgets that Gadaffi and Bashir were not ousted because they were dictators but rather their continued subbortage of American interests on the continent and their relation to the AL Quaida an Islamic extremist group that is fighting the US interests.

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