President Museveni speaks out on ADF said attacks

President Museveni today gave a detailed report on the attacks of ADF.


On 13th December, 2022, at around 6.00 hours, early morning, the
civilians called on the UPDF border detaches of Kyapa and
Kayaja 1 by use of telephones and informed the soldiers that the
enemy had crossed River Semuliki and entered on our side.
Quickly, the border detaches informed their Commanding Officer
8 Mt. battalion – Lieutenant Colonel Saul Bishusha Nabimanya.
He organized Assault Squads who advanced using convergence
battle formations approaching from 4 approach routes.
They intercepted and attacked the enemy around the villages of
Kyapa, Kyobe and Kayaja 2, Bweramure junction.
That enemy group came from Mambasa territory at River Ituri in
Ituri province in a bigger group which crossed Eringeti –
Komanda road and entered Irumu territory to areas of Tokomeka
and Belu 2 where by on the 11th December 2022, our joint forces
of 83 battalion, 1 Commando battalion and FARDC attacked it
and POA 30 terrorists, charged 08 guns and rescued 19 abductees.
That bigger group was under the enemy Commander one Mzee
Mayor and another called Rafiki, who were coming to join
another enemy commander called Muhammad Lumisa at a place
called Maitatu. Thereafter that thorough beating, the enemy
commander Muhammad Lumisa sent this group of 40 fighters to
come to Uganda, kill civilians and loot their properties.
After a total defeat of this criminal group since 13th December
2022, to-date the results are as follows:
• 21 POA
• 15 captured alive
• 17 SMGs and 02 PKs (machine guns charged from them.
Making a total of 19 guns recovered from this group)
• 04 IEDs (improvised explosive devices)
• 337 rounds (bullets) of SMGS
• 75 rounds (bullets) of PK
• 15 hand set phones
• 05 radio – walkie talkies
On our side:
01 soldier was killed in action;
01 soldier was wounded in action;
01 civilian was killed by the enemy;
02 civilians were injured by the enemy;
So far, out of the 40 attackers who crossed to Uganda, 36 are well
accounted for.
Combing operations are ongoing to also account for the 4
The remaining could have probably drowned in River Semuliki.
Their commander, a one Yakute could probably have drowned.
The other Commanders killed and identified were Madison and

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