MP’s Ssewanyana, Ssegirinya deserve no bail!!, Gen Museveni says

Gen Yoweri Museveni while speaking to Journalist Remmy Bahati at the sidelines of the US African Summit in Washington DC said that the incarcerated Mps Allan Ssewanyana of Makindye West and Hon Ssegirinya Mohammed of Kawempe North donot deserve bail. #WhisperEyeNews

Whatsoever because their alleged crimes are linked to the death of innocent people in Masaka.

According to Gen Museveni, giving bail to suspects linked to such high class crimes is a joke to justice and thus it is good the judges have for this long seen it right not to give bail to the two MPs.

“Those people have been arrested legally, they come to court quite often, and court is the one which sends them back to jail. The charges they are facing are serious charges to do with killing people. People were killed, 28 of them, in Masaka City were cut with machetes. You, my granddaughter, the human rights fighter, you should also fight for those 28 wananchi killed. Why don’t you go to Masaka and talk to the families of those who were cut dead? ” Museveni said

The 4 star General was answering back to the question by Remmy Bahati who asked him why the two MPs who were elected by people to represent them in parliament have been on remand for over a year without getting bail which is their constitution right.

The Masaka killings saw at least 28 people being killed with Machetes for unknown reasons.

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