LCV boss Kitatta vows to Squeeze land grabbers as Minister Magyezi endorses Jjaaja Tova Ku Main

Reporting By Norman Kabugu

Lwengo- The LCV boss of Lwengo district who doubles also the chief spokesperson from the Office of the National chairman (ONC)at Kyambogo fumes. #WhisperEyeNews

NRM Youth league Buganda Region has vowed to squeeze the balls of all those ones who are moving around grabbing local’s land and later leave the innocent Ugandan’s shedding tears and others reach to a certain point of committing suicide.

Kitatta made his remarks while delivering his massage at the council chambers at the district headquarters during the council meeting which was suspended because of the vulgar language and some Indisplined six councillors which were suspended for over two sittings and later minister Magyezi spare headed the officials and endorsed Jjaaja Tova Ku Main 2026 and Beyond and the Museveni’s Bazukulu commanded Jjaaja to stand again in 2026and Beyond asking him to contest again in 2026.

Kitatta told the gathering that very many innocent have raided his office several times while accusing some of the business tycoon who use some officials from security agencies to evict them by force without following the right procedures and appealed to the office of the RDC to join hand to save these people because the government of NRM which is commanded by Gen Y.K.Yoweri Tibuhaburwa does not want to here such stupid things of terrorizing Ugandan’s.

Kitatta says that he will continue doing all his best to make sure the district service commission can be replaced with another officials who can deliver good quality services to the people of Lwengo without extorting money or anything from them because very many Ugandan’s from Lwengo more especially the poor parents are fed up and some parents accuse the commission of selling the government jobs alot of money yet the risked to educate their sons and daughters so that in future can be happy but to make matters worth it allegedly that some after paying that huge amount of money they end up not getting that job.

Kitatta told the gathering plus minister Raphael Magyezi that since he entered the district office he does not have motor vehicle which can help him to run or to monitor some of the government projects and do his district office work properly just because most of the time he use his personal vehicle and some times he lacks fuel yet he has alot of work to do in the district.

Kitatta told CAO Infront of the minister that there are some government officials who involved them selves in politics more all from opposition side and appealed to the CAO to follow that matter.

He has appealed to minister Magyezi to talk to the area member of parliament the bad words they are using to attack some of the leaders and this give abad picture to the neighboring district plus the young generation.

Minister endorsed president YK T Museveni as their sole candidature in 2026 and beyond because he is the only leaders who has the capacity to rule this country and take it to another level and asked Ugandan’s to appreciate the good quality services Museveni has delivered to this country and also support all the NRM flag bearers in position Upto the Presidential seat because that is the only gift they can give to NRM party leaders.

Magyezi asked all councillors plus MPs who are fighting after hearing that Ibrahim Kitatta Al Malik want to contest to any constituency and they started clashing with each other yet in actual sense it’s not a crime any Ugandan’s to contest where he want so longer as he has the qualifications.

Magyezi asked councillors to go back to the villages,parishes,and sub county levels to continue teaching locals about the developmental programs like Parish development model(PDM), Emyooga and others.

Has asked all the team which has been fighting to end those wars because after the period of five years they will go back in the crowd and ask for more votes which will be not a simple thing convince the voters that iwas suspended from the councillor meeting and if they do not behave like mature people they will regret in 2026generall election.

The RDC lwengo Hood Hussein told the council that because of the enough experience has acquired from Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) he will manage to cool down all these clashes in Lwengo and very soon he is going to call another serious meeting so that they can finish all these wrangles if God willing.

The council was chaired by the district speaker Ssenozi Peregirino and it was attended by the officials from central government and mengo government.

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