US-Africa Summit: President Museveni extolled for fight against covid19 pandemic

President Yoweri Museveni (@KagutaMuseveni) has been commended over his successful fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ebola outbreak in Uganda at the ongoing US-Africa Leaders’ Summit. #WhisperEyeNews

President Museveni was lauded by his Botswana counterpart, H.E Mokgweetsi Masisi during the partnering for sustainable health session held under the theme “Building Resilience for Healthy People, Healthy Countries” at the Washington Convention Center on Tuesday. Whisper Eye Reports

In his address, President Museveni underscored the role of Ugandan scientists during the outbreak of COVID-19 saying that they incorporated traditional and modern medicine to save Ugandans and neighboring countries.

President Museveni Full Speech at the USA – Africa Summit

“During the pandemic, Prof Patrick Ogwang crossmatched an ancient anti-viral plant product that the people in the North Eastern part of Uganda have been using since time immemorial against measles which is caused by the virus Rubeola, with the treatment for COVID-19 which saved many lives,” said the President who walked from his hotel room to the event venue. 

Mr. Museveni said Uganda has been able to contain the spread of COVID-19 which ravaged the rest of the world adding that the country is working to develop all types of vaccines needed for humans and livestock. He cited an anti-tick vaccine that has been developed by Ugandans.

President Museveni also called for more collaboration between Uganda and the US especially in pharmaceuticals and vaccines if Uganda is to gain a fair share of pharmaceutical production in the world.

He said Uganda and Africa are better placed to produce many of the pharmaceuticals on account of the plants that they have on the continent.

Gen. Museveni further emphasized that the collaboration would go a long way in providing cheaper medicines and vaccines.

“There are two areas where we are moving on our own, but where we would welcome collaboration if available. This is in vaccines and pharmaceuticals. It is not correct to continue with the present arrangement where, in the global share of pharmaceutical production of USD 1.42 trillion, Africa’s share is only USD 16 billion,” he said.

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