Anti-Muhoozi talk forces Minister Anite “majje” to apologize

Hon Evelyn Anite is a well-known staunch supporter of the National Resistance Movement a party led by Gen Museveni. #WhisperEyeNews
Recently she went on Twitter and urged Ugandans not to look left and right but rather stick their eyes on General Museveni and hence vote for him in 2026 under the theme ‘Mzee tova ku main’ denigrating Gen Muhoozi’s supporters that the generator will not start.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we lifted age limit. Team NRM, ignore the noise and clutter going around. Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be on ballot in 2026 and the win will be massive. Temuva ku main. These sijuyi generators will not start.” She Tweeted

Her words didn’t have a safe landing in the ears of supporters of Gen Muhoozi led by Hon David Kabanda from Kasambya who said that Anite should concentrate on supporting her favorite person without necessarily attacking and demeaning those who differ with her opinion.

“Can’t you push for your objectives without insulting or demeaning us who differ with you in opinion?

The only challenge here is my love for you, otherwise, I would have sent a big missile.” Kabanda said

Following too much pressure, Anite succumbed to it and finally apologized for going past the red line.

“Hon Daudi you are my one and only brother and my love for you is equally very big. Please forgive me if some of the words I used are demeaning coz that was not part of the plan, I know we are all pushing for the common good of our country. Lots of love” part of her apology statement reads

There looks to be growing tensions between Muhoozi and Museveni factions with the son determined to take on after his father even amidst resistance from a certain section of NRM top officials who still want Museveni to stand in 2026.

We shall keep you posted!

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