Government using LoP Mpuuga to sanitize its impunity, Hon Munywaga says

Former Kawempe South MP Hon. Munyagwa Mubarak Sserunga Mugaati GWA Batta, FDC,(@FDCOfficial1) senior member yesterday attacked MP Mpuuga Mathias. #WhisperEyeNews

In the evening while appearing on a local political talk show accused the Leader of Opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba of being used by the government in power to ‘sanitize’ its impunity.

A furious Munywaga said he doesn’t understand why MP Mpuuga whom the opposition trusted to lead them in parliament is always holding sweet talk meetings with ministers and parliamentary speakers to merely discuss the ongoing abductions of Ugandans by the security forces yet Gen Museveni’s government only understands actions.

Munyagwa added that Mpuuga is a classroom politician not fit to lead the opposition against an aggressive regime like Museveni’s which doesn’t respect human rights and treats those who oppose it as rebels, not political opponents.

Munywaga further added that he supports Hon MP Zaake Francis Butebi’s character even amidst the continuous shutdowns by the Speaker stood firm and addressed the house demanding the release of all political prisoners because they were arrested not for any crime but rather their support for change.

“Hon. Zaake is a hero and we should applaud him for his action on the floor of Parliament. There’s someone in the opposition being used to sanitize ‘their’ impunity, but the world will judge him.” He said

Many radical politicians in the opposition have for long been pointing fingers at Mpuuga whom they see as too diplomatic and not aggressive enough to take on the bull by its horns.

It’s not a surprise that Munywaga is one of them considering the aggressive nature of his party the Forum for Democratic Change and founding father Dr. Kizza Besigye who led a number of civil disobedience campaigns aimed at sending a strong message to the government that they are aggrieved with how human rights are violated by the regime.

By press time MP Mpugga was yet to react to MP Munyawga assertion.

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