We are not campaigning but making country-wide consultations for our would-be candidate, Gashumba says

The chief media strategist for team MK, Mr Frank M. Gashumba @FrankGashumba while appearing on one of the media stations yesterday the 7th of December 2022 came out and said that people should not be confused with the recent country-wide tours of Team MK asserting that these are mere consultations meetings not politically rallies just as many of their opponents/ enemies allege.

Gashumba said that their team is cognizant with what they are doing and thus are following the law because they are also aware that this is not time for campaigns but any organized group would consult so that by the time they front their candidate in the right time, they understand the pressing needs of the people they would want to lead.

Gashumba said that it is absurd their opponents not excluding the NRM are trying to vulgarize their country wide consultations yet the NRM itself is promoting its candidate using the theme ‘Jaja tova ku main’ literally meaning Gen Museveni should stand in 2026 and beyond. This has seen many Nrm party officials including Ministers sign on billboard posters of Gen Museveni commiting their support to him in 2026 and beyond.

Gashumba also insisted that Gen Muhoozi is still a serving military officer who by law is not allowed to participate in active politics before he is retired from the army but those who believe in him are optimistic that one time he will be retired to give him a lee way to join active politics. Gahsumba said his supporters like him are only trying to make the grounds more fertile for him so that by the time he comes, he doesn’t start from zero.

” We are not campaigning but making consultations. We are always having meetings allover the country. Whereever we go, we inform police and we are cleared. That’s why you haven’t seen any kind of scuffle with the security forces because we follow the law in what ever we are doing.” He said

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