Bad Books!! MP Basalirwa’s deteriorating relationship with Bobi Wine, is he a sellout?

Hon Asuman Basalirwa the President General of JEEMA is facing a hard time now as his relationship with the man who saved his political career Hon Kyagulanyi Robert commonly known as Bobi Wine has kept on diminishing with the National Unity Platform last man standing unhappy with the way Basalirwa is playing his politics. #WhisperEyeNews

Basalirwa whose political career has stagnated for decades was only saved by Kyagulanyi in 2018 when he gave him his full support in a highly heated election which he (Basalirwa) could not have won without the support of the popular Bobi Wine.

MP Bassalirwa with Speaker Anitah Among

In 2021, NUP did a favor for Basalirwa as they didn’t plant any candidate against him in the parliamentary polls thinking he would always be on their side politically something he has failed to do.

Our sources within the Kamwokya-based party have confirmed to this media that Basalirwa is among the politicians that NUP have pegged as stumbling blocks to the struggle to oust Museveni out of power considering the way they play their politics using too much diplomacy against a ‘dictator’ who only knows one language ‘violence’.

Our informants told this media that Kyagulanyi had asked Basalirwa to pull his party JEEMA out of IPOD something the Bugiri Municipality MP refused to do telling him that he should not sniff his nose into the affairs of JEEMA since he is not its president neither does he understand its ideology and political motives.

Basalirwa’s closeness to the speaker of parliament Hon Anita Annet Among is also among the many questions marks that have provoked NUP to associate less with him with many thinking he is a compromised fellow.

Basalirwa also recently shocked the nation when he blocked Dr. Kizza Besigye from using the JEEMA offices in Mengo to mobilize for his pressure group the red card front.

This media has learned that NUP plans to front a candidate against Basalirwa in 2026 to oust him from Bugiri having positioned himself not to work together with Kyagulanyi and co to overthrow the government of Gen Museveni.

Basalirwa a known lawyer known for his diplomacy has at many times publicly stated that he is not siding with those that want to use violence and unconstitutional means to take power from Gen Museveni but is willing to work with those who believe that one day an election will take Museveni out of power.

Could Basalirwa be cutting a branch he is seated on?

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