Unbelievable!! Zari reveals why she no longer looks very beautiful as she used to do

Famous Socialite Zari Hassan, famously known as Zari the boss lady has alleged that she is no longer as beautiful as some of her fans expect her to be because of too much work that has taken an impact on her health. #WhisperEyeNews

Zari the boss lady 42 years old, was responding to a fan who texted her to inform her that her body has totally transformed saying that she is looking too old and her eyes look so tired.

“Hey honeys , so I got a direct message from someone who was like, oh you are looking too old, oh your eyes are tired, and blah, blah, blah. Behind the scenes I work so hard, this is a part of me that you don’t see,”Zari said in a life video that was shared by blogger Peng Peng on Monday.

According to Zari Hassan, he runs a lot of schools across Africa and she even has the responsibility of maintaining the lifestyles of her children as they study at very expensive Universities.

“Like, I literally run colleges across South Africa. Very successful colleges. Brooklyn City College and Brooklyn Health Academy. I need to maintain that. I need to maintain my kids’ lifestyles, you know, if you look at the schools they go to; Crawford International, St. Alban’s College, and the university where my son goes. Like, that’s very expensive” She revealed.

Zari revealed that she sleeps late at night mostly around 2 am and wakes up at 5 am due to the many things she has to do.

“And that’s on me. So, sometimes I have late nights, sometimes I have to go to bed like at 2[am] and wake up at 5. And obviously, I’m not gonna look as glamorous as you expect me, but I’m still gonna slap. Like this morning I went to the gym, I’m looking like shit. It’s okay, it’s just normal life. I’m sitting in my house right now. No lashes, no makeup. It is fine, it is okay. So, sometimes, just give me a break. I can not look beautiful for 24 hours. I can’t.” she said.

Zari Hassan has a total of five children, three sons with her late husband and two Kids with superstar Diamond Platinumz

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