Parliament to approve National Physical Development plan

Cabinet has approved the National Physical Development Plan (NPDP) 2018–2040, which, if put into action, will employ adequate physical planning and land use development to address the competing sectorial land demands. #WhisperEyeNews

The National Physical Planning Act of 2010 and the nation’s Vision 2040 are both under the physical development plan. It offers a comprehensive plan for addressing sectoral pressures on land use in the face of the nation’s expanding population.

Parliament still needs to approve the proposal.

Dr Chris Baryomunsi, Minister of ICT and National Guidance verified the development.

“The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development presented the National Physical Development Plan and we passed it. It is a document that clearly explains how Uganda shall be planned and infrastructure put in place for the next 20 years,” Dr Baryomunsi said.

The location of important road corridors, the delineation of railroad lines, and the location of airports and aerodromes would all be included in the plan, he continued.

“The plan will offer that kind of broad frame for the next 20 years so that all developments and constructions are guided by this kind of plan,” he said.

The Plan
The plan is based on the prediction that, by 2040, the share of Uganda’s population living in urban areas would likely double, from 20% to 40%.

According to the plan, relevant physical factors must be adopted in sector development plans for ease of implementation by the National Planning Authority (NPA), ministries, departments, and agencies, the private sector, civil society organisations, and non-governmental organisations, among other development agencies.

Dr Baryomunsi emphasised that the administration will make plans for the nation as a whole.

“We have been having district and sub-region plans but the difference is that we now have a whole macro plan where planning at sub-regional and district level has to fit into this bigger plan.”

Following the decision, Ms Judith Nabakooba, Minister of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development, thanked Cabinet for a job well done on Twitter.

“Today (Monday), Cabinet led by Ms Jessica Alupo passed the National Physical Development plan 2022/2040. I thank Cabinet and all stakeholders for the support. A big launch will be organised. A new era for smarter urban centres is here,” she posted.

The decision was praised by Amanda Ngabirano, Chairperson of the National Physical Planning Board (NPPB).

“We hope Parliament approves it too,” she said.

The programme is timed to coincide with the NFPB’s recent decision to scrutinise physical development plans submitted by local governments across the nation to evaluate their compliance with the physical planning principles before they are authorised.

The board has taken into consideration more than 40 local government physical development plans, and regional approval is still waiting.

To finance physical development, Ms Ngabirano pleaded with local government administrations to join PPP agreements. This occurs at a time when regional authorities are having trouble securing funds for their construction projects.

No municipal body can plan in an orderly manner without a physical development plan, according to Mr Mujumbi Yahaya Sulaiman, the Town Clerk for Butebo Town Council.

Ms Sarah Aziz, the Nakaseke District Chief Administrative Officer, stated that the physical planning exercise will benefit all sub-counties, town councils, and municipalities within the district.

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