“It’s hard to implicate the big fish in a corruption scandal, says IGG Kamya

The Inspector General of Government Hon Beti Kamya Turwomwe has said that the hardest task of her job is to ensnare the top government officials commonly known as the big fish into a corruption scandal as they leave no traces that may land them in trouble. #WhisperEyeNews

According to Beti Kamya, the big fish are so calculative as they make sure they don’t sign anywhere on any document that can be used against them something that leaves their juniors in trouble and the big fish walk away scot-free with clean hands.

Kamya says to prove to the court that someone was involved in a corruption scandal, the evidence must be beyond a reasonable doubt with courts wanting to see someone’s signature somewhere or video evidence which is so hard to get.

“If someone does not put his signature somewhere, it’s hard to prove that he actually stole the money. In most cases, it’s the accounting officers that land in trouble while the politicians walk away with clean hands yet they took the money.” She said

Kamya said that the solution to this is the lifestyle audit where one’s way of spending should tally with what he or she actually earns so that whoever owns assets that are way beyond his income is investigated immediately.

” If you earn 10 million a month and you are escalating buildings in the sky one after another, you’re investigated. This is the only way we shall net the corrupt.” She said.

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