Carter Karyn to intensify diversity equity & inclusion at Victoria University

Carter Jorine Karyn, a second-year student pursuing a bachelor of Laws degree program at Victoria University and also serves as the Prime Minister for the students guild 2021-2022 believes that her motion that “there’s the power of association” can greatly transform the students’ welfare at the campus. #WhisperEyeNews

Victoria University is one of the few universities in Uganda that have attracted international students coming from many countries in Africa and beyond however, most of these students have shied away from students’ co-curricular activities like involvement in student leadership or politics.

Carter’s motion derives from her belief that they’re unending achievements that can be registered once students understand the power in an association which calls for the unification of students to achieve diversity Equity and inclusion at Victoria University.

Carter who is also standing for the presidency in the guild elections aims to bridge the gap between students and the administration to provide plenty of practical solutions to the prevailing student issues to make a tremendous impact and leave no one behind.

In a bid to provide a platform for equal representation and inclusion, Carter says her standing for Guild president at Victoria University facing competition from three male candidates that seek the same position is to be a beacon of hope that female students can take up big positions of students’ leadership body.

Her belief in the motion of “power of association” has molded her into an approachable, kind, listening, and caring leader which has boosted her popularity among students therefore in her approach to making an impact on the students’ community Carter has advocated for flexibility and openness among fellow students to be free in associating with everyone.

Carter has a dream of transforming the guild leadership of Victoria University and creating a united nations replica leadership that will see the direct involvement of every country association in matters of student administration and welfare.

While on the ground, a student at Victoria who preferred to be called Deng under the I.T program and a SouthSudan national said that Carter Jorine said is an exceptional leader who equates herself to everyone. “Carter is not proud as she receives everyone as you are and as students, we will be grateful to have her lead us” he added.

Deng rallies fellow students to stand behind Carter, adding that during her spell as the prime minister she always advocated for equal representation for the communities that didn’t have a say in students’ leadership yet it’s a concern for every student. “All I can say is that I and my brothers and sisters in my community are fully behind her.” He further said.

The Congolese students found in the students’ lounge when approached for this story collectively said that Carter’s motion of “Power of Association” it’s going to cause a fundamental change in students relations as there has been a challenge of students from different countries relating easily therefore with her advocating for associating with everyone and its benefits will be unending.

The Congolese students further said that they will surely stand behind someone that is to represent their interests and open their relations to other students adding that of all candidates contesting for presidency at least Carter has shown them hopes of fulfilling their desires and they proposed to support her bid for the presidency.

Carter says that her primary aim is to make every university student to feel at home and feel free with every student. “I no longer want to see a Ugandan speaking to fellow Ugandans only but rather see a Ugandan interact more with Somalis, Sudanese, and others” she added.

Carter further adds that Victoria University gives us an opportunity to meet people from different cultures and that’s a future advantage as the most successful people in Africa attribute their success to the power of association whereby they made man friends from different communities that not only taught them a thing or two but also connected them to different platforms that led to their progress.

“Since the university objective is to be the leading authentic university in Africa it means that students connection and coordination is required to achieve that which means if we students move as one during our time in school and as university alumni,” Carter said.

Carter further revealed that “I am the most experienced and smartest candidate and committed to providing authentic and managerial leadership and above all dedicated service with Limitless Possibilities. Working together as one, each of us has a pivotal role to play in transforming our gallant institution. We all come prepared to learn, and leave prepared to succeed.”

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