Sheebah speaks about her split with Manager Jeff, read what she said

Best Ugandan female artist Sheebah Karungi alleged that she can’t blame her ex manager Jeff Kiwanuka for being difficult on artistes. #WhisperEyeNews

Doing a business unveils a person to things that create a very strong ground of their ways of behaving.

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Speaking to Kayz a gossip reporter , Sheebah said that a manager should never show an artist that they are doing well because they will become very stubborn.

“There are some who are powerful, it’s not treat them mean, keep them kin kind of way. Treat them mean, keep them kin means, don’t show the employee that you love them, they are performing well. Don’t show a musician that she is doing great because she will become unruly. So, he had that approach to work. But I don’t blame him,”Karungi said

Sheebah Karungi said that this industry can never turn you into what you want adding that she has been an obedient and listening artist for nine good years.

“The industry can turn you into what you don’t want to become. I figured that there are people he might have dealt with and he didn’t get what he wanted. I said to myself, I’m going to be a good musician, a good artiste. I was a good artiste. I was good; obedient, listening, I was punctual, for nine years.”she revealed.

Sheebah Karungi, who was under Kiwanuka’s label, Team No Sleep, for nine years said unlike what most people think, he didn’t have any authority over her life apart from when they were in the studio.

The Kansalewo hitmaker has previously said that she doesn’t regret being under the management of Kiwanuka.

“Jeff stopped in the studio. People need to understand that. Jeff has never told me how to sit. Jeff has never told me, dress like this in a video, so, he did what he was good at, studio.” she added

Information that Karungi, the self-proclaimed Queen Karma  ended her working relationship with Kiwanuka, known in the music industry as Jeff Kiwa, went public in December 2021.

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