Oh No!! Another Ugandan female artist involved in a nasty accident, nursing serious injuries

Beautiful and famous Ugandan Songstress yesterday on Monday narrowly survived an ugly accident that left her legs wounded and in so much pain. #WhisperEyeNews

(Courtesy Photo)
The artist was together with her colleagues driving back from a music show over the weekend from Iganga. The show was at the Iganga street jam which had other local artists.

The artists narrowly survived death on their way back to Kampala at about 2am. This was after an overspeeding blue truck knocked itself on to their car on the highway.

Speaking about the accident, Shakira revealed  that the only thing she remembers is a blue heavy truck knocking itself into their car from an opposite direction. Their car was swept off the road.

Following that, she doesn’t remember anything else as she lost consciousness after the accident and grabbed her driver out of horror.She woke up in hospital terrified and told the doctors to call her mother and child.

Recently, fast-rising singer Seen Don Ronald Alimpa, together with two other artists were involved in a fatal accident that claimed the life of one of them.

Singer Lady Grace succumbed to her injuries on the spot while the other artistes, Ronald Alimpa and Ragga Fire were rushed to hospital with compound fractures. Grace is popularly known for her song Layila (featuring Izon T), and Ezo Kukameeza.

Lady Grace was reported to have passed on immediately after the car crash that happened along Semuto in Nakaseke district, Central Uganda.In a video shared by Yong Don MC on Facebook, an eyewitness is heard revealing how the incident occurred.

Alimpa and Ragga Fire are seen in pain in the short video as the narrator reveals that they sustained serious injuries including broken limbs.The two were rushed to a nearby medical facility to receive first aid before being rushed to a hospital for scans and better medical care.

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