Gen Muhoozi tough on those NRM officials signing declarations against his presidency

There is serious panic within the National Resistance Movement – NRM after First to Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba warned yesterday that he is to teach tough lessons to those within his father-led political party that is fighting his ambitions to become the next head of state. #WhisperEyeNews

The affected group is the ‘Mzee Tova Ku main’ mainly composed of Ministers, District leaders, and NRM mobilizers who still want Gen Museveni to stand again in 2026 contrary to the mission MK2026 of the Muhoozi faction.

Minister for Presidency Hon Milly Babalanda is among the known NRM diehards who recently have been traversing the country signing on numerous billboard pictures of Gen Museveni assuring the NRM supporters that Mzee is coming back in 2026.

“Those people signing declarations against us in the NRM. We will teach you what Uganda means. This country belongs to Almighty God and the people of Uganda. Let us see who is stronger you or us?” Muhoozi said

To many Muhoozi supporters led by Mr. Frank M. Gashumba and MP David K Kabanda, they say that 2026 is the right time for the 4 star General First son to take on when he is still marketable to the young people and also when Gen Museveni is still alive to pass on the experience and expertise to the son for the country to move forward smoothly.

Hon Kabanda said that the NRM party doesn’t exist beyond Gen Museveni and thus Muhoozi will form his own party that is free from greedy and pessimistic people who don’t so any good in Museveni retiring now and handing over to the son.

Mr. Frank Gahsumba said that Muhoozi’s presidency is inevitable come rain come sunshine as long as he is alive and kicking and laughing at the opposition that thinks that they can use an election to defeat Gen MK.

The government is divided between team MK and team Mzeee Tova Ku main with many officials fearing to take sides not sure who will be on the ballot paper come 2026. To some analysts, the increasing tensions may make the NRM fight its way down if at all father and son do not come up with a long-lasting conclusion as to who should contest or not.

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