Former VP Bukenya opens up about his worrying current financial status

Speaking during an interview on a local TV this  Tuesday morning, Prof. Bukenya alleged that the year 2022 has been a very difficult one for him as it has been the same for many other Ugandans #WhisperEyeNews

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Former Vice President Bukenya, who alleged that he gets about Shs8 million per month in government retirement benefits, said that he has only made it through this year because of God’s mercy. According to him, one has to be thankful to God because not everyone is given the same chance.

“When you are given another year, it is a new chance that you have to be thankful for. Not everyone is given the same chance,”said Bukenya.

The former Vice President revealed that he used to tip people with Shs1 million but now even giving someone Shs50,000 worries him.

“Before, I used to tip people with Sh1 million, but now, even tipping someone with Sh50,000 frightens me”he revealed.

Bukenya plans to host a Thanksgiving service at his home on December 29 based on these justifications. Almost every Ugandan is aware of the flashy and luxurious lifestyle that the former vice president, Professor Gilbert Bukenya, has been living.

However, the former vice president’s situation does not appear to be as glamorous as it once was.

Some time back, Broke MPs pleaded and begged for help, it became even more apparent to Museveni that this group of MPs had chosen a life of debt over frugality and were grappling with financial threats that might destroy their careers.

Mwenge North MP David Muhumuza set the tone, informing Museveni that being broke is killing them so he should help.

Museveni, who usually likes exploiting financial vulnerabilities of politicians, told his guests that he was well aware of their predicament.

“My intelligence tells me that it is only 50 MPs who can sustain themselves, the rest are infested with huge debts,”Museveni said

There are 374 MPs in Parliament, which means 324 are broke, if the president’s intelligence reports were to be believed. Museveni warned that poor MPs could be a security risk as they can be bribed by oil companies now that they have oil

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