Bobi Wine made a mistake to appoint Mpuuga as leader of the opposition, Prof Kanyeihamba says

Former Judge of the Supreme Court Prof George William Kanyeihamba has come out to say that the National Unity Platform President Hon Robert Kyagulanyi made a grave mistake to appoint Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba as the leader of the opposition in parliament. #WhisperEyeNews

According to prof Kanyeihamba, Mpuuga is a treasure hunter who is simply interested in his own program but not those of the party or the national cause to liberate this country.

Kanyeihamba said that Mpuuga is an unsettled politician who can easily betray the struggle and accept a Ministerial appointment from Gen Museveni because all that he is looking for is to accumulate wealth after wealth.

Kanyeihamba added that he was one time disappointed by Mpuuga whom he sent a note which had some very vital information thinking that the Lop would move a motion to support it but was disappointed by him when he refused even after acknowledging the receipt of the note.

Kanyeihamba further added that Mpuuga is an incompetent, a coward, and a dishonest politician whom Kyagulanyi should get rid of as soon as possible if at all NUP is to move forward.

Kanyeihamba insisted that Kyagulanyi should fire Mpuuga from the party and never to walk along with him because he is an opportunist.

“Mpuuga are you a lawyer? When I hear names like Mpuuga, I feel like vomiting. He is so dishonest, he lied to me. He betrayed this country. He should resign!!” Kanyeihamba said

Mpuuga of recent is facing a lot of criticism, especially from the NUP supporters whom they accuse of being so incompetent, dining with the regime, and doing nothing in his capacity to force regime change.

This media got classified information from the NUP high command where Kyagulanyi already made a decision that Mpuuga would not be given a second term as Leader of the opposition after his term expires mid-next year.

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