Nambooze has bagged billions over her illness from the same regime she pretends to be fighting down, says Frank M. Gashumba

Sisimuka Uganda founder Mr. Frank Gashumba (@FrankGashumba) is a man known for his open-mindedness. #WhisperEyeNews

He has this time come out to speak about the Mukono Municipality MP Hon Mp Nambooze Bakireke Betty’s illness that has seen her spend over 5 months in the USA under specialized treatment funded by the government.

Gashumba had no sweet words for Nambooze whom she termed as a political opportunist who has bagged billions of taxpayers’ money under the disguise of receiving specialized treatment.

Gashumba said that if the Namboozes and others claim that Gen Museveni’s government is in power illegally and on top of that a dictatorial regime, how come a person they are fighting to pull down can fund their treatments abroad and on top of that give them juicy allowances while away.

According to Gahsumba, Nambooze’s treatment was fully funded by the state with her receiving 750 dollars per DM (approx 2.8 million shillings per day) for the whole time she has spent in the USA while her helper who happened to be her husband Mr. Bakireke pocketing 400 dollars per DM( Approx 1.5 million shillings per day) for the entire time he has spent with his wife in the USA.

This means that Nambooze for the 5 months she has spent in the USA has pocketed at least 400 million shillings while her husband 220 million in allowances bringing a total figure of over 600 million shillings minus the treatment fees.

Gashumba added that there is nowhere in this world where a government can treat and give juicy allowances to individuals who want to overthrow it thus Ugandans should be careful with politicians who claim they are fighting for them yet these politicians are fighting financially to liberate their own families.

Gashumba further added that he was so hurt when National Unity Platform supporters went and demonstrated outside the Seattle hospital where the late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah had gone to receive treatment claiming that he was wasting the taxpayer’s money but could not do the same when their own Nambooze had gone for treatment yet they were all funded by the state.

Gahsumba also said that he was surprised to see a sick Nambooze having enough time to go shop downtown New York and head for photo shoots something so rare to be done by a critically I’ll patient.

Gashumba said his role was to sanitize the dirty politics of Uganda and expose all those that are hoodwinking the population yet dine with the regime they claim they are fighting.

Nambooze earlier this week returned quietly back to the country and she plans to hold a thanksgiving mass at her home in Nakabago Mukono on Sunday 4th December 2022 to thank the Lord for enabling her recovery fully.

Whisper Eye will keep you updated.

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