FDC died the day it chose defiance over organized politics, says RDC Hudu Hussein

The new Residential District Commissioner for Lwengo District Hudu Hussein has no kind words for the struggling Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) which lost its top spot in parliament on the side of the opposition. #WhisperEyeNews

According to Hudu Hussein who led operation smart city during his tenure as RCC Kampala said that the Najjanankumbi-based party died the day it adopted defiance over playing clean politics with its leaders like Kizza Besigye thinking that they could adopt the Arab spring methodologies of overthrowing governments something that never materialized here.

Hudu Hussein adds that FDC chose the violent kind of politics in the opposition yet they weren’t ready to handle the tension and pressure that comes with abusive politics and that’s why a more humble National Unity Platform came and pushed them out easily.

“FDC died when it adopted defiance and strayed from organized politics to hooliganism. They introduced a violent kind of opposition yet they weren’t ready 2 for the extremes of abusive politics. All it took was a party more willing to act wantonly and the National Unity Platform was ready” Hussein Said

During the reign of Dr. Kizza Besigye, FDC branded itself as a party of extremism ready to take on the bull by its horns. Besigye’s era saw a number of riots that were aimed at overthrowing the government through civil disobedience like the walk to work in late 2011.

The use of extreme means to take power did not yield the required results but later instead divided the party into factions, those that believed in clean politics led by Gen Mugisha Muntu and the Dr. Besigye faction composed of the radicals.

The tensions later forced Mugisha Muntu to leave FDC later forming his new party the Alliance for National Transformation-Uganda.

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