It so ancient to fall down for kings, says Gen Museveni

During world teachers day, Gen Museveni spoke about the role of teachers in society and how they can shape the way society behaves and acts. #WhisperEyeNews

Museveni said he is a teacher and a licensed one who knows how important teachers can be and how dangerous they can be when they feed society with wrong information.

“I don’t need a long lecture about the importance of teachers because I am a teacher myself, however, it is true teachers are important but they can either teach or misteach.” He said

“In colonialism, we had teachers who were teaching us to respect colonialism, we were taught to sing the British anthem, so teachers can teach wrong things. It is about how you teach and why you teach.” He added

Gen Museveni said that during the times of monarchies, teachers used to teach what the kings wanted adding that he is still surprised that up to now people fall down for kings as a sign of showing respect to them.

“During the times of the kings, our teachers used to teach what our kings wanted, up to now I still see people falling down for kings” he added

He also added after 1977, he has been teaching these soldiers to be patriotic and to defend our country and this is one of the reasons why the Ugandan army is 2nd to non in East Africa and one of the best on the continent.

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